Winemaker Nick de Luca’s Accessesment of the Cellar Wines

An early assessment of the 2012 wines

– The Merlot has been in barrel for almost a month and is coming along nicely. It is a bit tough to evaluate at the moment, as it is still not through ML. That said, it has nice richness and is seriously structured. It should easily make a single varietal bottling. Flavors lean towards black cherry and licorice.

– The Cabernet Sauvignon lots have both been pressed early this week. The larger of the two lots received a healthy dose of new French oak—a higher percentage than has traditionally been the case for Baehner-Fournier—as I feel it has the guts and concentration to handle the additional structure that new wood can bring to a wine.

– The Petit Verdot is remarkable. It is tremendously dark, with a good impression of sweetness and richness on the palate. Surprisingly supple for the variety, it should be an uncharacteristically showy wine early in its life. I am extremely pleased with it and will be pressing it off sometime early next. It is slated for 50% new wood to lend some structure to the outrageous level of fruit.

As a whole, I am ecstatic with the 2012s. They are very structured yet with showy fruit. They should serve as a nice counterpoint to the succulent and vibrant nature of the 2011 V3.