Our Creed – Old & Bold

They said we were crazy. Who in their right mind and nearing retirement would pick up and move to a wine growing region.  But not just move there…also plant a vineyard and build a house right in the middle of it!
Our nearing retirement short list looked a little bizarre:
We thought about crisscrossing the country on Harley’s. Another idea was to learn sky diving.  What about moving to Vegas and trying to beat the odds and maybe becoming millionaires?  How about getting into shape and entering triathlons around the world! Farming and chemistry were not foreign to Bob.  Bob’s dad Lee grew vegetables in his backyard garden back in Ohio. Bob ‘s medical research focused on biochemical defects of blood cells. The French Fournier love of wine was genetic in Vickie who was in Napa long before any Judgement at Paris was conceived.
Fast forward 10 years:
We made the right choice. Our wonderful terroir is what we experience every day. The wine is good and brings us closer to many new and old friends. In vino veritas is our creed. Old & bold is our reality.
Dr Bob Baehner & Vickie Fournier Baehner