2016 Petit Verdot – Los Olivos District

Petit Verdot, perhaps the most misunderstood of the five Bordeaux varietals, likely predates the dominant Cabernet Sauvignon on the Left Bank of Gironde River. Its origins are obscure, with its first mention in literature on the Bordeaux region dating to the early eighteenth century, but it probably originated in points further south, in the Tarn Valley near the southwestern French city of Toulouse. It has fallen out of favor in Bordeaux, due in no small part to its tendency to ripen very late in the season, often after the first major winter rains. In California, meanwhile, Petit Verdot has found a favorable home where it easily ripens during the Indian Summers for which the state is known.

This wine bursts with aromas of plum and dried strawberry mingled with soft notes of cedar and rosewood. Red, yellow and dried plum flavors dominate highlighted by a mentholated herb de provence finish.

Steve Clifton-Winemaker

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96 cases produced

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