We are Dr. Bob Baehner and Vickie Fournier Baehner. We live on a 16 acre hill overlooking the scenic Eastern Santa Ynez Valley in Santa Barbara County. We grow winegrapes on these sloping hills and hillsides that are surrounded by oak trees, native chaparral and purple sage. We believe this magical setting creates the environment for our winegrapes to express the essence of this place.


We were impressed by the wide spectrum of weather conditions our vineyards were exposed to throughout the four seasons. We spent many days and nights strolling among the vines feeling the heat of the afternoon sun, experiencing the winds, gazing at the stars and seeing moon glow, early morning fogs and rainbows gift wrap our vineyards. We named each vineyard for these encounters with nature - Sunshine, Rainbow, Moonglow, Misty and Northstar Vineyards. We commissioned our artist friend Laura Schy to paint a canvas symbolizing our newly named vineyards. She created it and we loved it.

Our Wines

Our wines are crafted from grapes handpicked from Bordeaux-cloned vines grown on our estate hillsides here in the warmer Eastern Santa Ynez Valley. We grow three varieties of winegrapes, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petit Verdot while employing sustainable farming techniques. Our annual wine production is about 20 barrels from which we bottle pure varietals of each grape variety plus our signature Cabernet Sauvignon dominant blend "V3"

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Wine & Travel

Vickie Fournier Baehner is fortunate to have turned two of her passions – wine and travel - into professions. “As a wine producer and travel professional, I marry my love of wine and all things culinary, with worldwide travel that’s enriching, fulfilling, delectable, and perfectly blended and attain great joy in helping others discover their own perfectly blended travel passions”.
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